Wanna a cup of tea?

And here I am again.

How is life?

Well, life here is good (apart from the rain and wind that I have to fight on a daily basis) and it’s even better indoors!

Yeah, it’s not always sunny in Dublin (sometimes it is).. But honestly, I do appreciate a day off, nice and warm at home, doing nothing! And a cup of (Irish) tea makes it even more enjoyable!

In Brazil, if somebody offers you a cup of tea, they will ask you what flavour you want: camomile, mint, red fruit for example.. In Ireland you get tea, period.

That’s it, black tea usually with milk, people love it, and now I love it! In the morning or after a meal.. In Brazil tea with milk is not very common, after meals we usually have a lil coffee (and when I say a little, I mean it.. something around 50ml) #cafezinho

They also have tea for tea at tea time here, which is in the evening and people have their tea with a sandwich, a scone (a lil wheat or oatmeal cake) or biscuits sometimes.

People say that you know a person well when you can make a tea to their taste.

And the other day I heard somebody saying: “football is not really my cup of tea” (meaning they didn’t like football) It’s an idiom and you can also say that something you like IS your cup of tea!

Yeah I know, a lot of tea..   And mine is getting cold..

So, I’ll go enjoy my cup of tea and let you enjoy the photos!

Love, C.


02.JPG(Old fashion Kettle.. yeah, it whistles)

03.JPG(Didn’t bother to have my nails done, please don’t mind it..)

04.JPG(Let it brew..)




09.JPG(In love with these biscuits)

11.JPG(I’ll do that later..)