Owl Necklace

This is Camila and we photographed 3 outfits of hers πŸ“Έ

She bought her bow print dress to go on a trip to Spain, she loves it because it makes her feel girly πŸ‘— She wears it with her cardigan when it’s a bit chilly ☁️ and without on hot days β˜€οΈ And to complete the outfit, comfy oxford shoes!

Her cute owl necklace was the first jewellery she bought in Dublin, almost 3 years ago and she still wears it a lot! It’s super cute 😍 

Did you know owls are associated with wisdom and prophecy in many cultures❓

Dress, Cardigan and Shoes – HM

Author: camilawithonel

Brazilian, photographer based in Dublin

5 thoughts on “Owl Necklace”

  1. Really like the pictures. My only feedback would be if the owl necklace is the subject then watch the clothing you are putting the model in. The white spots on the dress could come off as distracting as they are brighter than the owl and will naturally draw the eye. I would suggest maybe solid colors that are lighter than the owl to really make the owl stand out. I love the poses and the lighting is very nice. Just something I learned when I was in photography school studying fashion.

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    1. Thank you for your feedback afterroam 😍 I totally agree with you πŸ˜‰ But the outfit is actually the photographed’s choice 😊 And the post is about the whole outfit, maybe the title is a bit misleading πŸ˜‰

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