Camila Lee, nice to meet you ;)

Noticed anything different about my name?

Yes, I got married to the man of my dreams and now I am Mrs Lee 🙂

And yes, I had a great time, thank you! I dare to say, it was the best day of my life 💚

I know I haven’t posted here in a loooooog while.. but I’m sure you can imagine how crazy it is to plan a wedding and work full time at the same time.. There is a LOT to plan for that one big day, more than I would have imagined.. but anyway, I made it and the day was even more amazing than I would have thought it would be 😍

I got married in Kinnitty Castle Hotel – County Offaly, there is something about it there that is just magical ✨ BTW, That was the place that made me start this blog! And that made me love photography again 💚 See my very first post here “OUR BDAY TRIP” 😊

I plan to share here some of the things I learnt during these last 14 months, and specially the last 4 intense months of planning.

But for now, I just wanna say a big thank to all the people that made my big day so special..

First of all Derek, I love you more and more every day!

My family and friends that came all the way from Brazil, it was amazing to have you all over and please come back soon 😍 Mine and Derek’s friends in Ireland, Germany, Spain and London that were also there to celebrate with us!

My new Lee family for always being there (specially my mother-in-law, Carmel who is an amazing woman, such an example..)

Kinnitty Castle Hotel and all staff, I knew it would be a wonderful big day there!

Cake to Friends (incredible Cake), Tania Zuchetto (delicious Bem Casados – I’ll explain what they are in a later post..), Sweet Brazil (yummy Brigadeiros and Beijinhos)!

Romy McAuley from A Beautiful Ceremony, our ceremony was beautiful indeed 😍

Our hair and make up team, Dani Hefferenan, Maria Laura Devides, Maicon Vegas and Giorgia Graf, thank you for managing to make me, bridesmaids, mothers, sisters and best friends look so good!!

Zi Fernandes and Emmylie Cruz for the S T U N N I N G photos! Can’t wait to see them all 💚


Our Bday Trip


Anyone there?

Well, as this is my first post I don’t really expect a lot of people to read it.. Anyway, I’ve been away from photography for a while but it’s a new year (well, still only February) and my “astrologic hell” is over (that’s something we say in Portuguese, it’s basically the 30 days before your birthday when you tend to feel very vulnerable and confused and to think and re-think about what you are doing with your life..), so here I am with something new!

I’m gonna start talking about this little trip my boyfriend gave me as my (and his) bday present: we went to this beautiful, old and cozy Castle/Hotel (some people say it’s haunted, but thank god I didn’t see anything), I felt like I was in a movie there! Everything there was so beautiful and inspiring and I had so many ideas for photos, it re-lighted the photography flame inside me.

I fell in love with the bathroom and had loads of ideas of pictures in that bath, OMG.. But unfortunately we didn’t have time to produce them, and besides I still need to finish his photography lessons.

We went for a walk and it was so cold outside, my hands were freezing because I couldn’t wear gloves as I was taking pictures.. But it was defo worth it.

He made a friend there (#blackcat), a cute and needy cat that followed us all the way..

We had delicious coffee indoors while we waited for it to stop raining..

Later we went to the Dungeon Bar and enjoyed a lil bit of traditional Irish music, pints and delicious goujons and chips (btw, that’s a new passion in my life, I never really cared for fries for example, but goodness me, it’s amazing what they make out of potatoes here).

Overall, a lovely way to start my new year and my blog.




(He is still learning how to focus)_CAM1279.jpg_CAM1259.jpg_CAM1263-2.jpg_CAM1308.jpg