Floral Dress and Sis’ Sunnies

Megan saw this dress in a vintage shop and immediately fell in love with it! 😍 

The floral print is beautiful, very summery and its short sleeves let her show off her tattoos!

She bought it to wear with her fishnets and the shoes she treated herself to, after doing so well in her college exams! 😊

“My brother was moving to Scotland and I got this outfit for his going away party, but  the first time I wore it was actually for this photoshoot, as the party only happened a week later” 😂

Her bracelet says “Megan” and is her baby bracelet, a gift her older sis gave her and she has been wearing it since she was only 2 weeks old 😲 It still fits her, I think that’s amazing!

And her sunnies are actually her younger sister’s (that by the way, will be here soon too) they swapped them because they decided their own would match the other’s outfit better! Typical sisters 😎

And you, what do you share with your sis?

Dress – Dublin Vintage Factory | Shoes – China Blue | Tights and Sunglasses – Penney’s

A Nightgown as a Dress

Martha always wears what she likes and likes what she wears! 😉

This is a nightgown, but she doesn’t care! What matters is that it looks really nice with her favourite skinny jeans!

She first wore it when she was moving house and hosting a house ‘cooling’ party.

“It felt lovely swishing around the house topping up everyones prosecco in it!” 🍾

She loves red and when she wears red clothes and lipstick she gets loads of random passersby serenading her with “lady in red” and it makes her smile 😊

Now, this camera bag has to be the cutest thing ever! She saw it in a fashion magazine and specifically went on the hunt to get it 📷

“It holds next to nothing and often turns upside down, spilling all my goods on the ground.. but who cares when it looks this cute!” 😍
Nightgown/dress – Lucy’s Lounge |
Jeans – Topshop
| Shoes – Asos
| Bag – Accessorize

A Sea Themed Outfit

Martha loves outfits that tell a story. She matched these pieces because they all have a “sea” element, the image of a boat on the necklace, a swan on the top and the mossy coloured dress underneath, that moves like murky water 🌊

The necklace was a gift from an old friend, it has a watch inside 🕔

The top was a present from her niece, she caught her admiring it, remembered and bought it for her for Christmas 🎁

The dress used to be her sister’s (the mother of that same niece who gave her the top). She likes to wear it as a ‘skirt’ with tops over because it’s a bit too big for her to wear it as a dress 👗

She told me she wore this outfit to work a few weeks ago and a lot of people liked it 😍

The boots which are a bit scuffed at this stage bring some edge to an otherwise girly look and gives the outfit a hard and soft balance that Martha loves 💚

Dress – Warehouse |
Top – H&M
| Bag – Accessorize |
Necklace – Urban Outfitters | Boots – Zara

Owl Necklace

This is Camila and we photographed 3 outfits of hers 📸

She bought her bow print dress to go on a trip to Spain, she loves it because it makes her feel girly 👗 She wears it with her cardigan when it’s a bit chilly ☁️ and without on hot days ☀️ And to complete the outfit, comfy oxford shoes!

Her cute owl necklace was the first jewellery she bought in Dublin, almost 3 years ago and she still wears it a lot! It’s super cute 😍 

Did you know owls are associated with wisdom and prophecy in many cultures❓

Dress, Cardigan and Shoes – HM

Lace Dress and Necklace 

Bilingual Post 🇮🇪🇧🇷

I’m really happy to finally share this photo shoot here and introduce my new photography project! 😍

Our Closet is about fashion portraits, the idea is to have real people wearing their favourite outfits and this way, show a little bit of their personality!

I want my retouch to be natural and very truthful to the original, showing the unique beauty of my models, or should i say,  real people.

This is my beautiful friend Yume and she is actually the 4th real person of my project, but I’m gonna be a bit like George Lucas here and start with episode 4.. 😂 The prequels will come later..

Yume likes to mix styles according to her mood! We shot 3 different outfits and this is the first one. In here she was felling a bit romantic 💕 and chose to match this cute lace dress with a huge necklace! The bag also works perfectly with the outfit!

Her make up is her everyday make up, this cat-eye-style eyeliner is very her! And the red lipstick as well! 👄

Everything is from Forever 21.

I hope you enjoyed the outfit! I’ll post the other ones here soon!

Let me know what you think in the comments bellow.



Estou muito feliz de finalmente dividir esse ensaio aqui e apresentar o meu novo projeto fotográfico! 😍

Our Closet é sobre retratos de moda, a idéia é mostrar pessoas reais vestindo seus looks favoritos e assim mostrar um pouco da personalidade delas.

Eu quero que o tratamento seja bem natural e fiel as fotos originais, mostrando a beleza única das ou dos modelos, ou melhor, das pessoas reais.

Essa é a minha amiga Yume e ela é na verdade a quarta pessoa que eu fotografei pro projeto, mas eu vou fazer igual o George Lucas aqui e vou começar com o episódio 4 😂 e os prequels eu posto depois..

A Yume gosta de misturar estilos de acordo com o humor dela! A gente fotografou 3 looks e esse é o primeiro! Aqui ela estava meio romântica 💕 e escolheu combinar esse vertido fofo de renda com um colar grandão! E a bolsinha ficou perfeita com o look!

Essa é a maquiagem que ela usa todo dia, o olhinho puxado com o deliniador é a cara dela! E o batom vermelho também! 👄

É tudo da Forever 21.

Espero que você tenha gostado! Logo mais posto os outros looks!

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