Love Stories

I have always loved photographing people.

During the last 10 years (maybe 11, kinda lost count) I’ve photographed a bit of Fashion, Show, Plays, Events, some Families a lot Portraits (which I’ve always known I loved)..

I think that now I am at that stage when you see babies everywhere (my facebook feed is full of babies πŸ˜‚) and you find them all so cute and you the see the love in their mother’s eyes when looking at them and you start to understand what motherhood is about and that there is love in even an everyday shower in the sink or in changing your baby’s nappy and making them feel comfortable and clean πŸ’š

These are some of the reasons why I am sooooo in love with Family Photography, I see a love story in every interaction and it just makes sense 😊

I love this session, Janelle is proud to be breastfeeding and wanted some memories for Reuben who going to be 1 this month πŸŽ‚

Janelle inspired me to start a new photography project:

Breastfeeding – An Act of Love

I’m really, really excited about it and will be talking about it on the next post βœ¨πŸ’«

Have a great Sunday 😘


Lunch Time As It Is

As a photographer, I’ve always liked to have control of the light, to pose the models, to try create scenes and make them “look real”.

That worked well for me for a long time.. the past few years I was just not 100% happy with my photos anymore, something was missing.. πŸ˜•

Until now.. I am discovering a whole new exciting world in documentary photography, life as it is is way more interesting than posed life.

So, my friend, who is a great cook (better than me at least hahahah) invited me for lunch at his place, and I decided to take my camera with me.. πŸ“Έ

While he was preparing our meal, I took some snaps, trying to not interfere so much on the way he was doing his thing and at the same time, to make him comfortable with a camera pointed at him..

I really like what we both did! 😍 My snaps of a lovely and real afternoon and his food (was delicious) πŸ˜‹

And some coffee after all that food 😊

Wanna a cup of tea?

And here I am again.

How is life?

Well, life here is good (apart from the rain and wind that I have to fight on a daily basis) and it’s even better indoors!

Yeah, it’s not always sunny in Dublin (sometimes it is).. But honestly, I do appreciate a day off, nice and warm at home, doing nothing! And a cup of (Irish) tea makes it even more enjoyable!

In Brazil, if somebody offers you a cup of tea, they will ask you what flavour you want: camomile, mint, red fruit for example.. In Ireland you get tea, period.

That’s it, black tea usually with milk, people love it, and now I love it! In the morning or after a meal..Β In Brazil tea with milk is not very common, after meals we usually have a lil coffee (and when I say a little, I mean it.. something around 50ml) #cafezinho

They also have tea for tea at tea time here, which is in the evening and people have their tea with a sandwich, a scone (a lil wheat or oatmeal cake) or biscuits sometimes.

People say that you know a person well when you can make a tea to their taste.

And the other day I heard somebody saying: “football is not really my cup of tea” (meaning they didn’t like football) It’s an idiom and you can also say that something you like IS your cup of tea!

Yeah I know, a lot of tea.. Β  And mine is getting cold..

So, I’ll go enjoy my cup of tea and let you enjoy the photos!

Love,Β C.


02.JPG(Old fashion Kettle.. yeah, it whistles)

03.JPG(Didn’t bother to have my nails done, please don’t mind it..)

04.JPG(Let it brew..)




09.JPG(In love with these biscuits)

11.JPG(I’ll do that later..)