Floral Dress and Sis’ Sunnies

Megan saw this dress in a vintage shop and immediately fell in love with it! 😍 

The floral print is beautiful, very summery and its short sleeves let her show off her tattoos!

She bought it to wear with her fishnets and the shoes she treated herself to, after doing so well in her college exams! 😊

“My brother was moving to Scotland and I got this outfit for his going away party, but  the first time I wore it was actually for this photoshoot, as the party only happened a week later” 😂

Her bracelet says “Megan” and is her baby bracelet, a gift her older sis gave her and she has been wearing it since she was only 2 weeks old 😲 It still fits her, I think that’s amazing!

And her sunnies are actually her younger sister’s (that by the way, will be here soon too) they swapped them because they decided their own would match the other’s outfit better! Typical sisters 😎

And you, what do you share with your sis?

Dress – Dublin Vintage Factory | Shoes – China Blue | Tights and Sunglasses – Penney’s


A Nightgown as a Dress

Martha always wears what she likes and likes what she wears! 😉

This is a nightgown, but she doesn’t care! What matters is that it looks really nice with her favourite skinny jeans!

She first wore it when she was moving house and hosting a house ‘cooling’ party.

“It felt lovely swishing around the house topping up everyones prosecco in it!” 🍾

She loves red and when she wears red clothes and lipstick she gets loads of random passersby serenading her with “lady in red” and it makes her smile 😊

Now, this camera bag has to be the cutest thing ever! She saw it in a fashion magazine and specifically went on the hunt to get it 📷

“It holds next to nothing and often turns upside down, spilling all my goods on the ground.. but who cares when it looks this cute!” 😍
Nightgown/dress – Lucy’s Lounge |
Jeans – Topshop
| Shoes – Asos
| Bag – Accessorize

Comfy with Personality

This is Camila’s second outfit! 

She loves her skirt because it’s comfy and goes with almost everything she has in her closet 😊

She likes to wear this outfit on warm days to go for drinks or food 🍻

Her necklace is really cool and gives the outfit a lot personality 😍

I love her outfit! What do you think?

Skirt, T-shirt and Necklace – Pull and Bear | Cardigan – HM

Owl Necklace

This is Camila and we photographed 3 outfits of hers 📸

She bought her bow print dress to go on a trip to Spain, she loves it because it makes her feel girly 👗 She wears it with her cardigan when it’s a bit chilly ☁️ and without on hot days ☀️ And to complete the outfit, comfy oxford shoes!

Her cute owl necklace was the first jewellery she bought in Dublin, almost 3 years ago and she still wears it a lot! It’s super cute 😍 

Did you know owls are associated with wisdom and prophecy in many cultures❓

Dress, Cardigan and Shoes – HM

Flowers on Her Dress, Hair and Bracelet

This is Priscila and some of her favourites pieces from her closet 😊

When Priscila found this dress it was a bit small for her but she loved it so much that she bought it and decided she would lose weight to be able to fit in it! Now that she can, it makes her feel happy and accomplished every time she wears it! 👗

Isn’t it great when we can finally fit in those clothes that were too small for us? 

Her denim jacket is very special too and brings her great memories! The last time she wore it was to go to a friend’s going away party and she had a great time with them 😃

She also told me she was in love with her oxford shoes the first time she saw them! One day she went shopping, she saw the shoes, loved them but decided to have a look in other shops, she walked all day but ended up going back to the first store and bought them 👞👞

Her earrings were a present from a flatmate, they lived together for a year and she gave it to Priscila when she left. The bracelets are part of a collection, she likes to buy bracelets everywhere she travels to and Paris was the first one, the evil eye talisman was a gift that a work colleague brought from Greece for her 😍

The flowers in her hair are part of her bedroom’s decoration and they match the little flowers on the bracelet too 🌸

Dress – she bought from another girl | Denim Jacket – Penney’s | Oxford Shoes – HM

Sailboats Shirt

This is Thaís wearing her favourite shirt 😊It has little sailing boats on it, so cute! ⛵️

Her sister gave it to her when she was going on a trip around Europe to encourage her to go and see new places 😍

She loves her sunnies and they are always protecting her eyes from the shiny and bright sun ☀️ She has taken them with her to London and to very nice beaches in Florianópolis (Brazil) 😎

She got everything in Porto Alegre (Brazil) where she is from.

Jumpsuit and Cardigan

Bilingual post 🇮🇪 🇧🇷 

This week’s photo shoot was a bit different! I photographed 6 different girl’s favourite outfits and I’m gonna tell you here a bit of the story of each one of them 😃

This is Gabrieela, she is from Brazil and has been living and studying in Ireland for a few months.

Her outfit, both the jumpsuit and the cardigan, were designed and made by her mother, who is a Fashion Designer! She likes to wear them because they make her feel closer to her mom 💕

I really like the detail of the jumpsuit that lets her show off her belly (I mean, no belly at all).

And the light cardigan is beautiful and gives a bit of color to the outfit, I bet she is going to wear it a lot this summer 😎

The bracelets remind her of the amazing time she had in Rio de Janeiro when she was there for New Year’s (last year) and got them.

Jumpsuit and Cardigan – Nina Luxo

Hope you liked it! Tell me in the comments below 😘


O ensaio dessa semana foi um pouco diferente! Eu fotografei 6 meninas diferentes com seus looks favoritos e vou contar um pouco da história de cada uma delas 😍

Essa é a Gabrieela, ela é brasileira e tá aqui em Dublin há alguns meses.

O look dela, tanto o macacão quanto o kimono foram feitos pela mãe dela, que é Designer de Moda! Quando bate a saudade ela entra nas roupas pra se sentir mais próxima do aconchego de mãe 💕

Eu gostei muito do detalhe do macacão, que deixa a barriguinha à mostra (quero dizer, barriga nenhuma, né).

E o kimono estampado é lindo e dá uma corzinha pro look, tenho certeza que ela vai usar muito no verão aqui em Dublin 😎

As pulseiras ela comprou no Rio quando viajou pra lá no reveillon (ano passado), é uma lembrança da viagem maravilhosa que ela fez!

Macacão e Kimono – Nina Luxo

Espero que você tenha gostado! Diz o que você achou nos comentários aqui embaixo 😘