Dancing and Fashion

Last week I photographed a person with a very unique style, Martha! And she picked really, really nice outfits 😍

Martha likes to wear makeup, skirts, dresses and heels almost every day, even if she is not going anywhere, she can buy a beautiful new dress and wear it that same day sitting at home 👗

 “I don’t believe in saving your best clothes for rare, special occasions”.

She bought this skirt for the Rose of Tralee Festival, when she was a participant a few years ago. She remembers wearing it to the circus, with a white corset and a little hat and feeling like a ringmaster herself! 🎪 She loves its bright pink, the heavy fabric and the way it moves beautifully. 

“I think I’ll probably keep it forever”.

Martha has two passions in life: dancing and fashion! And her shirt encompasses them both, and although she is not usually a fan of patterns, she loves this one so much 💙

“I think it’s the most beautiful pattern I’ve ever seen”.

She prefers to wear silver or white shoes to black as a neutral footwear choice. These sandals are perfect for her in the summer as she doesn’t like to show her Irish dancer’s not so beautiful toes 😉

And her super cute bag was a great bargain! She fell for its colour and fluffy material. 👛 And while it has a label, this doesn’t really matter for her, she prefers buying cheap things often and keep recycling her closet than spending a lot on designers products! 

I totally agree with her! Who doesn’t love a bargain?? 😁

Shirt – Kling | Skirt – Retro in George St Arcade | Shoes – Asos | Bag- Coach – TK Max


A Mystical Necklace

And here is Camila’s third outfit 😎

I love her red sunnies matching her lipstick 😍

Of course, she has a different necklace this time! And this is a mystical one! It’s a crystal for letting go and moving forward that she got at a holistic fair here in Dublin 💚

She is going to Brazil soon and she bought the shirt for this trip! 

Her skinny shiny black jeans are one of those pieces that goes with everything and she can make casual outfits or more dressy ones depending on where she is going!

The white converse sets the casual tone 😉

Shirt – HM | Skinny Shiny Jeans – New Look

Sailboats Shirt

This is Thaís wearing her favourite shirt 😊It has little sailing boats on it, so cute! ⛵️

Her sister gave it to her when she was going on a trip around Europe to encourage her to go and see new places 😍

She loves her sunnies and they are always protecting her eyes from the shiny and bright sun ☀️ She has taken them with her to London and to very nice beaches in Florianópolis (Brazil) 😎

She got everything in Porto Alegre (Brazil) where she is from.

Black Cats Shirt

Bilingual post 🇮🇪🇧🇷

And the third 😍

Now, this is my favourite out of the 3 outfits.

These tiny black cats on the shirt are just so adorable! And the scallop collar as well!

Black cats are associated with a lot of different superstitions depending on the culture, in many Asian countries, owning a black cat today is considered luck! 🍀

I love that she matched the shirt with a black dungaree dress and gave the outfit a bit of colour with the red bag (by the way, the bag was my 🎁 birthday present to her 2 years ago and I’m happy she still wears it).

And the same Converse she was wearing with the other outfit, works really well here too!

She likes this outfit to go to a park on a sunny day and get a little sun tan on her legs! ☀️

Shirt – Joanie Clothing / Dungaree dress and bag – HM

Do you like this outfit? Tell me what you think in the comments bellow 😃


E o terceiro 😍

Esse é o meu favorito dos 3 looks!

Esses gatinhos pretos na camisa são fofos demais! E a gola também!

Gatos pretos são associados com várias superstições dependendo da cultura; em vários países da Ásia, ter um gato preto hoje em dia é considerado sorte! 🍀

Eu adorei que ela combinou a camisa com a jardineira preta e deu um toque de cor com a bolsinha vermelha (que diga-se de passagem, foi um presente 🎁 meu no aniversário dela há 2 anos, e eu tô feliz que ela ainda usa).

E o mesmo All Star do outro look, tá ótimo aqui também!

Ela gosta de sair assim em dias quentinhos de sol (que aqui são preciosos) e pegar um solzinho nas pernas! ☀️

Camisa – Joanie Clothing / Jardineira e bolsa – HM

O que você achou? Me fala aí embaixo 😘